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Cobb Life Meet the Author Article Summer 2022

Updated: Jan 19


This year, Housley has released his debut novel “Waiting Impatiently,” a tale about a man’s spiritual metamorphosis. Published by Atmosphere Press, the story follows Ian, a well-worn yoga teacher and Zen student, at the precipice of his life. As the world begins to shut down in the face of a pandemic, Ian attempts to accept the gift of self-examination while burying the pieces of his painful past.

Through Ian;’s journey, the reader is offered the uniquely poignant perspective of a man’s internal struggle with “Self.” In a desperate moment, he arrives at the Monastery, a place where time stands still. Here, he finds solace to soothe his soul and meditate on the Zen riddle, “Can you manifest your true nature while staring at the pieces of your broken heart?”

Housley lives and teaches around Atlanta. He’s been practicing yoga for more than 20 years. He is affectionately known as “The Machine” for his ability to push himself with a single-minded focus to achieve any goal he sets for himself.

To purchase “Waiting Impatiently,” logon to


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