Released October 15, 2021

A gritty story of a man’s spiritual metamorphosis.
As the world begins to shut down in the face of a pandemic, Ian — a well-worn yoga teacher and Zen student — wavers as he stands at the precipice of his life, attempting to accept the gift of self-examination while burying the pieces of his painful past.
In Waiting Impatiently by Andrew H. Housley, we experience the birth and process of self-transformation found through the catalyst of sorrow and lost love. Through Ian’s journey, we are offered the uniquely poignant perspective of a man’s internal struggle with Self. In a desperate moment, he arrives at the Monastery, a place where time stands still. Here, he finds solace to soothe his soul and to meditate on the Zen riddle, “can you manifest your true nature while staring at the pieces of your broken heart?”
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"A must-read for those who love to read spiritual books like Robin Sharma’s The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. Andrew H. Housley’s words are mesmerizing in their quietness. His prose flows on the page like a gentle stream; invites you to get in touch with your own thoughts and feelings. Waiting Impatiently is thoughtful, raw, and downright engaging."

- Independent Book Review

"This is slow-burn storytelling at its finest as the book takes an in-depth approach to study the human condition."

- Readers Favorite 

"Themes woven in with subtlety linger and leave the reader with a lot to contemplate—about the book, the characters and a general approach to beliefs and attachments."

- Amazon Reader

"Waiting Impatiently is an emotionally charged rollercoaster that takes you through a powerful story of transformation, hope and redemption."

- Reviewer

His poem 'the short grass' was published on the Sledgehammer Literary on September 25th.