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"I use the language of a man that's wary of the world."

Andrew Housley
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Waiting Impatiently, my debut novel, is available for purchase on Amazon, Apple & Google Play.

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Waiting Impatiently by Andrew Housley



It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over. Waiting Impatiently, the latest title from Andrew H. Housley - Author & Poet is something of a departure from his previous works. Order your copy today.

A gritty story of a man’s spiritual metamorphosis.

As the world begins to shut down in the face of a pandemic, Ian — a well-worn yoga teacher and Zen student — wavers as he stands at the precipice of his life, attempting to accept the gift of self-examination while burying the pieces of his painful past.

In Waiting Impatiently by Andrew H. Housley, we experience the birth and process of self-transformation found through the catalyst of sorrow and lost love. Through Ian’s journey, we are offered the uniquely poignant perspective of a man’s internal struggle with Self. In a desperate moment, he arrives at the Monastery, a place where time stands still. Here, he finds solace to soothe his soul and to meditate on the Zen riddle, “can you manifest your true nature while staring at the pieces of your broken heart?”

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"Slow-burn storytelling at its finest as the book takes an in-depth approach to study the human condition." - Readers' Favorite

"Woven in with subtlety linger and leave the reader with a lot to contemplate—about the book, the characters and a general approach to beliefs and attachments."

"Gives those of us seeking spiritual growth, a little bit of hope."

"Waiting Impatiently is thoughtful, raw, and downright engaging."

- Independent Book Review

"A timely and relatable story to anybody who finds themselves on a journey to Self."

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About Andrew

Andrew is a unique blend of yogi, IT professional, artist, singer-songwriter, gardener, spiritual teacher, adventurer, poet, and author.


He grew up in the affluent suburbs of Atlanta and traveled the world over, curiously learning and allowing each culture to shape his personality and philosophy. Using technology to create music across an ocean, planting victory gardens, rescuing dogs, running an IT company, and guiding his flock as a yoga teacher, Andrew exemplifies the Renaissance man and is a true spiritual seeker.


He was drawn to the teachings of Zen Buddhism at an early age by his older brother, Chris. He began practicing yoga when it was not yet widespread and found his calling as a yoga teacher soon after that.  He has a strong following of ardent students who love him for building unique Hatha sequences designed to give them the template to develop their own practice. He is affectionately known as “The Machine” for his ability to push himself with a single-minded focus to achieve any goal he sets for himself. His holistic approach to life, fitness, and love resonates with all.

His debut novel Waiting Impatiently is a richly textured journey of Ian, a man at the end of his tether attempting to come to terms with his broken spirit and heart through the lens of his belief system during the time of quarantine. Then, through a chance encounter, he finds himself in a place that he calls “The Monastery,” where he is provided the gift of self-examination, revival, and transformation.

Listen to his podcast No Expectations the Podcast wherever you enjoy podcasts, and visit the website here.

He currently lives and teaches in Atlanta, Georgia.

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