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Invisible Sun Grabs Another 5-Star Review

Andrew H. Housley's latest novel, Invisible Sun, continues to receive critical acclaim with a 5-star review from Literary Titan.

Invisible Sun by Andrew H. Housley begins in the somber aftermath of a suicide, setting the stage for a poignant exploration of grief and familial bonds. The story unfolds through the eyes of Ian, who grapples with the harrowing loss of his brother, Hugo. As Ian sifts through Hugo’s belongings, he is plunged into memories of their challenging childhood, marked by both emotional and physical hardships at the hands of their father.

Invisible Sun Review by Literary Titan

Housley adeptly employs flashbacks to reveal the depth of the brothers' relationship and the abuse they endured, enhancing the narrative’s emotional layers. His portrayal of Ian's emotional journey is particularly compelling, capturing the essence of a man on the brink of a mental breakdown. Despite the heavy themes of grief and loss, Housley integrates moments of humor, which bring a nuanced relief to the otherwise intense narrative. The characters’ struggles with personal demons and coping mechanisms, such as humor and alcohol, are portrayed with realism and sensitivity.

The book addresses the profound impact of suicide on those left behind, presenting a raw, unfiltered look at their varied responses to tragedy. This approach, while powerful, includes multiple trigger warnings, indicating that the book might not be suitable for younger or more sensitive readers. The narrative structure of Invisible Sun eschews a traditional action-driven format, opting instead for a rich exploration of philosophical questions and the intricate layers of human emotion. This thoughtful, non-linear approach enhances the depth of the story, offering a rewarding experience for those who appreciate complex storytelling. The interplay between reality and illusion, as experienced by Ian, adds a compelling twist to the unfolding drama.

Invisible Sun is imbued with a profound emotional resonance that adds depth and gravity to its narrative. Its insightful examination of the human condition and the intricate portrayal of its characters not only make it a compelling read but also one that merits revisiting to fully appreciate its deeper thematic elements.

5 out of 5 stars.

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