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'Invisible Sun' Catches the Attention of SPR's Editorial Review

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

SPR reviewer offers high acclaim for Andrew H. Housley's sophomore release, Invisible Sun.

Housley Invisible Sun Self Publishing Review Quote

In the world of literature, it's not often that a new author bursts onto the scene with a second novel that captivates readers and critics alike. However, Andrew H. Housley has done just that with his groundbreaking novel, Invisible Sun. Set for release on October 17th, this literary gem has already garnered an impressive amount of early praise, solidifying Housley's position as a rising star in the literary world.

In a wave of early reviews, Invisible Sun has received praise from both literary critics and fans. SPR, one of the independent literary world's most respected sources, describes Housley's second work of fiction as "a powerful, soul-baring novel that will be intimately relatable to readers..." and goes on to say that it's "authentic and revealing in its emotional depth."

In Invisible Sun, Andrew H. Housley probes mental illness and the painful consequences of choice. He questions brotherly bonds, belief systems, and interconnectedness with profound intricacy, immersing readers in a world where reality blurs. Housley's storytelling peels back the human psyche, exposing raw emotions. This haunting tale captivates as a broken soul seeks solace and understanding, diving deep into a reflection on resilience and choices.

Andrew H. Housley, a versatile author and storyteller, is a wordsmith who fearlessly plunges into the profound intricacies of life and the human psyche. With a heart divided between the vibrant cities of Atlanta and New Orleans, he embodies the very spirit of the Renaissance, effortlessly guiding others as a yoga teacher while nurturing his own spiritual path.

Invisible Sun is set for release on October 17th on Atmosphere Press.

Read SPR's full review here.

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