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Songs That Influenced 'Invisible Sun'

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Andrew H. Housley shares a playlist of songs that informed his journey and his new novel.

Music has the incredible power to inspire, connect, and evoke emotions within us. For many artists, their creative process is deeply intertwined with the music they listen to. One such artist is Andrew H. Housley, whose novel 'Invisible Sun' intrigues audiences with its hauntingly beautiful and tragic subject matter. Here's a list of songs that influenced 'Invisible Sun' and explore how they contributed to the creation of this upcoming novel.

"I heard some of these songs through open windows or in coffee shops as I wandered the streets of New Orleans. Others are more personal to me. Songs I'd use to center myself with to prepare to write each day," Housley says.

All playlists are designed for collaboration; Andrew warmly invites his readers to join the conversation and contribute songs that were inspired by their reading experience of 'Invisible Sun.'

Invisible Sun Playlist on Tidal

  • Kimberose - L'envie de valser

  • Caveman - Strange to Suffer

  • Jarvis Cocker - Aline

  • The Cure - Disintegration

  • Sting - Shape of My Heart

  • Radiohead - Codex

  • The Cure - Prayers for Rain

  • Radiohead - Give Up The Ghost

  • Radiohead - Separator

  • The Smile - Free In The Knowledge

  • Suzanne Lindon - Seize printemps

  • The Smile - The Same

  • Cavern of Anti-Matter - melody in the high feedback tones

  • Noir Desir - Le vent nous portera

  • The Smile - Open The Floodgates

  • The Good, The Bad & The Queen - The Poison Tree

  • Radiohead - Videotape

  • Juniore - Dans le noir

  • Echo & The Bunnymen - In Bluer Skies

  • Damon Albarn - Royal Morning Blue

  • Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Fountain of Good Fortune

  • Mint Julep - A Rising Sun

  • Granville - Les Corps perdus

  • Soleil Bleu - Alma Page

  • Colorama - And

  • Heaters - Seance

  • Sea Power - Machineries of Joy

  • The Cure - The Same Deep Water as You

  • Passengers - Slug

  • Bob Dylan - Not Dark Yet

  • Sting - Ne Me Quitte Pas

  • The London Suede - The Next Life

Writing Music

  • Aphex Twin - #3

  • William Basinski - dlp 1.1.1

  • William Basinski - dlp 1.3

  • William Basinski - 92982.3

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