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'Invisible Sun' Lands on The Best Books We Read in 2023 List

Independent Book Review released THE BEST BOOKS WE READ in 2023, a collaborative book list by the reviewers at IBR in which they review the best books they read this year, irrespective of their publication date. It consists solely of books by indie presses and indie authors.

Andrew H. Housley's latest release 'Invisible Sun' made this year's list of Best Books.

Independent Book Review Best Books We Read in 2023

'Invisible Sun' made reviewer Chelsey Tucker's list, and here's an excerpt of what she had to say about Housley's new novel:

"'Invisible Sun' unflinchingly navigates the complexities of loss, guilt, and despair, which could prove emotionally taxing for some individuals in certain situations. Nonetheless, these weighty themes provide valuable insights into the multifaceted personalities of the characters within the narrative. The novel skillfully observes the convergence of philosophy, emotions, and the human psyche when confronted with death, encapsulated in the haunting notion that, 'The dead have it easy; they don’t have to live with the guilt.'"

See the full list here.

Invisible Sun by Andrew H. Housley


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